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Tips For your Paint job

Price- There isn't an industry standard the majority of painters follow.   You ask 5 different companies for the price to paint a 12x12x8 room with trim and doors, and you'll possibly get 5 drastically different prices, possibly varying by over $200 or more. It's always worth it to get multiple bids,  Rough averages I would set baseline prices at is $250-$450 per this average size room, or approximately $.70-$1.20 per square foot.

Most Painters Get the Best Deals on Paint- In most instances, don't assume buying the paint yourself will make the price substantially less.   Frankly estimating prices can go up slightly for the labor just because of this.  Painters know what they need, and many times trying to coordinate the proper amounts with homeowner/building manager is nothing but a pain. Plus if you agree on a set price beforehand (recommended always) and the painter buys too much paint, they are the ones absorbing that cost.

The majority of painters don't mark up cost of paint, and in most cases can get a much better deal per gallon than an average retail customer.  Retail sales are great to get what you need as a retail customer, but most painters get everyday prices at or near sale prices already.  Not to mention paint stores run sales for painters exclusively.

Don't think cheaper paint is going to save you money.  Most of the bargain priced paints take longer to cover, don't last as long, and just cost more in labor to apply. This is especially true with exterior paints.  Don't go low end on your exterior.  Do your research.  If a painter is lowest price, doesn't share the brand he going to apply and you don't ask, be sure you're ready to possibly repaint the exterior of your building, in half the time or less than a high quality paint can provide for you.

Exterior Painting- If you paint the exterior of your home, building, structure, etc. using low cost paint, and the total job costs $5,000 and lasts you only 5 years, The yearly cost for that paint job was $1,000.  Now if you would have spent more for the highest quality paint, maybe $600 additional, making the total paint job cost $5,600.  but you get 10 years out of the coatings,  Your yearly cost for the paint job is $560 a substantial savings, not to mention better protection from the elements, possible saving you unseen building damage, etc.

Research Quickly- Call dedicated paint supply stores, not just the big box stores, They will give you the best advice in the shortest amount of time.

Paint Colors- Remember almost any color from any paint manufacturer can be matched by other manufactures.  Just because the little swatch says one company don't think that manufacturer is the only one who mixes that color.

Flat Sheens- Be sure to use the highest quality interior paint possible for all flat paint finishes.  A medium grade paint quality may work fine for any sheen with a luster,  But flat paints will show every contact, and lightest friction rub. Correcting these abrasion marks is accomplished only by repainting the entire wall.

Final Thoughts:

-Get multiple bids.

-Know or request the type of paint you want used, don't just take the painters word for it. If the painter uses one brand exclusively, they probably gets the best prices, this is fine, and can benefit you. Just research this brand for the product you want. Trust your painter, just double check.

-Be sure to have a final completion walk through before last payment is finalized.

-Until a final/progress completion walk takes place, keep suggestions and hovering over painters shoulders to a minimum. Most painters know of issues, and need time to get back to correcting them. Suggestions, "You missed this" and hovering rushes most people, overall slows the process, and frustrates everyone.

A happy painter makes for happier customers.