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About is not run, managed, or owned, by any retailer, paint manufacturer, or any other online directory, referral, or review service.

This website has been created by a small business owner who started in the construction industry in the late 90's. Having seen all kinds of websites, referral services, and construction marketing opportunities, come and go. Most of them all seem to work with just a huge a profit in mind, not offering a true web solution for the legitimate hard working small business owner.


We at aim to be different.


We don't charge the searching customer to find and evaluate businesses on their own,
We don't charge our listing members a commission for any job.

We won't ask for a searching customers personal information to be connected.

We don't charge listing members a referral fee to be connected to a searching customer.

We will not extort money to hide shady reviews, or hide the good reviews for a cost.


We are paid a small monthly fee by our listing members, A listing fee that is approximately 1/10 the monthly fee, the last MAJOR website and its pushy salespeople tried to get's proprietor to pay for listing his painting company.

All listing profiles are paid before going live, no cancellation fees, no collections, etc. No pushy salespeople, No Gimmicks, No hidden charges, No hassle.


We believe online reviews are more than lopsided, and a couple bad reviews, over the course of years, shouldn't make a difference in a persons reputation, and livelihood.


We say, let only those who have only a perfect existence, whom have never made a mistake, never had a bad day, cast the first bad review. Our motto is ages old, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" but if someone does, our listing members are able to take care of it on their own.


The internet should be a tool, not a chance for vengeful retaliation because someone might have just made a legitimate mistake.


Any and all business conducted between listing members, and searching customers, is between those parties. is a directory, giving painting companies of all sizes, and all budgets an equal playing field to get found, increase their web presence, and offer their services to people who need painting and decorating services.  We are proud to offer premium features, for a fraction of the cost of most online services. is now!